Boehner: Job Creators in America are ‘On Strike’

U.S. Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner
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U.S. Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner

House Speaker John Boehner is calling for tax reform.

In a speech today at the Economic Club of Washington, Boehner stressed the need to close loopholes and not raise income taxes that would hurt job growth.

In a 'First On CNBC' interview, Boehner told Maria Bartiromo he's delivering a competing plan to President Obama's $447 billion jobs plan which cuts payroll taxes and provides tax breaks for hiring by small businesses.

Boehner is calling on the new congressional super-committee to seek an agreement on a long-term debt plan that would essentially lay out the foundation for fundamental tax reform. Boehner told Bartiromo "raising taxes at this point in our economy will help kill jobs."

Mr. Boehner said "there are some parts of the President's plan that we can find common ground." Both President Obama and House Speaker Boehner agree that we need to have a plan in place to boost employment, but the question is whose plan? With unemployment rate at 9.1% in August, Boehner said "job creators in America are on strike."

In response to companies not paying taxes, Boehner believes the "target should be 25% on the corporate and personal side. Regardless of the entity, all of that should be taxed at the same rate."

"What the Tea Party wants is what I want. Less spending in Washington. A fair, flatter tax code. There's nothing radical about what they are asking for," said Boehner.

Donna Burton contributed to this article.



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